Possibly in recent weeks, you have seen many people sharing photographic compositions on social networks in which they show what they would look like when they were old or if they were of a different gender. The compositions are made by a face changer app called FaceApp, which has versions for both Android and iOS.

Since we don’t want you to be left without using one of the fashion applications and without laughing at these photos, today we are going to tell you how it works and what you have to do to create these compositions. For the explanation we are going to use the Android version, but with iOS the steps will be practically the same.

When you see a trendy application, you may immediately think that it is the classic app created solely to mine personal data. Fortunately, it seems that this is not the case and that it does not ask for more data than necessary. The application will only want to access the payment system if you buy the pro version, your gallery, and your camera.

face changer app


When you open the application, the front camera will be activated so you can take the selfie you are going to work with. To measure distances well. A silhouette will appear on the screen in the shape of a head so you know how far away you have to be. When you do, press the white button in the central part and you will take the photo.

If you prefer, at the bottom of the screen you will also have the gallery of images from your mobile. So you can choose another one already taken to work with. You have two galleries, the one with all the photos and the Faces gallery in which you can only show the photos of faces. To the right of the button to take the photo you will have another to toggle the camera to use the front one. At the top left you have the options menu that we will tell you about at the end.


Step by step

Once you take the photo you will go to the interface. At the top, you will see the preview of each mode that you choose. Which will appear just below. You can choose the original photo, two types of smile, modes to change gender, remove facial imperfections, or show yourself as a baby or an old man.

In the menu, you will also see two Collage options to create compositions with two or four photos in which to show different modes. At the bottom, you will see an advertisement that you can only remove with the Pro version. To make compositions of four photos, click on the Collage button in which four faces appear.

Once you have chosen the Collage option, you will be shown a screen with four boxes, each with a + symbol. What you have to do now is press each of these symbols. When you do this, it will ask you to choose a filter, and once chosen, the composition will be added to the box. Repeat the process until you have four frames with photos. At the top right, there is a 2:2 button where you can toggle between collages with 2 or 4 photos.

Once the compositions have been created, at the bottom of the screen you will have a small panel to share them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other application. To the right of these options, you will see another icon with a down arrow, which you must press if you want to save the photo locally on the mobile.

On many screens, at the top left you will see an options button. In it, you can choose if you want to save the original photos and different quality settings. You will also have the option of purchasing the Pro version of the application to avoid advertising, be able to eliminate watermarks with the name of the application, or improve processing.



It is no secret to anyone that one of the applications with popular filters is Snapchat, in this app you can find filters of all kinds and every week you can find new options, of course, you can also put your face on someone else’s body in a simple way.

These filters are very varied, some are in real-time, where it is necessary to have the camera of your mobile, either rear or front. However, to use each of them, it is necessary to be registered with Snapchat.

Face Swap – Photo Face Swap

Face Swap is the best choice if you want to swap your face with someone else’s and achieve a professional finish. You only need to select an image from your gallery and a photo to take the face, and with the aid of the “Swap” button, the change will be done swiftly. It has a very simple and basic interface.

In addition, this mobile application has strategic location points and other features that make it unique. Once you get good results, you can share your work on social networks or simply save the image in your gallery.

Face Changer app (facechanger.ai) – Best face swap, deepfake app

The best quality face changer application on the market. It produces lifelike movies in excellent quality with a very low conversion time. Everyone was shocked by the similarity and the quality of the video. Try it yourself to see what this simple yet very effective application can do.